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They often involve the suggestion they “practice” Korean and English in a DVD Bang (a room with a tv, dvd player, couch, and a box o’ tissues), a love motel, or her apartment (as many Koreans in their 20’s still live with parents).This is definitely a consideration when thinking about why many foreigners give up on learning Hangeul.I definitely don’t think I was brought in as a white horse in Korea, but it was pretty close.I can’t speak from firsthand experience as I haven’t dated a Korean man while living here.The #1 sales of cosmetics for men come out of Korea.

We were friends who enjoyed playing music together.Within a few meetings I was taken more seriously and some of my suggestions for their business were put into place.I stopped wearing makeup or particularly fashionable attire.He wanted to meet more of her caucasian (only) friends.This “white horse in Korea” is a woman with some serious sexual prowess.

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