Error updating view in mail invalid or nonexistent document

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12/21/2010 Informational, DAOS is enabled in database mail/user1

12/21/2010 Informational, LZ1 is enabled in database mail/user1

I figure that something is corrupt on the server version as I experienced the same problem when I opened it up on the server. If you experience the same problem when opening the database on the server then I would suggest that you replace the design of the mail template for the affected user (you can select the same template the user already uses but don't just make a design refresh but a replace).

This often helps getting rid of strange behaviours.

I am probably going to fall back to the usual bring a new replica from a cluster member back to this server unless someone has a suggestion for an option which will work.

12/21/2010 Compacting mail/user1(Some User), mail/user1-c -i -d -K 12/21/2010 Recovery Manager: Assigning new DBIID for /NOTES02/NOTES/DATA/mail/user1(need new backup for media recovery).

12/21/2010 Compacted mail/user1.nsf, 8960K bytes recovered (1%) 12/21/2010 Database compactor process shutdown ...

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