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Aspiring pick-up artists spend a lot of time thinking about openers.

Ask any PUA instructor, and he’ll tell you that his students invariably want pick-up lines.

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Now the PUA will start to turn away from the set – a “body rock” – to imply that he’s leaving with his body language, then he’ll come back and continue: PUA: “But it’s more than that. ” because it doesn’t trigger any sort of emotional reaction, and can be answered with one or two word responses.PUA: “So my buddy has this new girlfriend, they’ve been dating for a couple of months. She doesn’t just want him to get rid of it, she wants him to burn the box.” Now, this is a tried-and-true opinion opener, which you can customize and make your own, but let’s look at why it works so you can use it as a template to develop your own opinion openers.And she discovered that he’s still friends with his ex. It works because it asks a question about which people will have strong opinions, but which most people will not agree about.These openers work best when they’re congruent with your personality and style. Lovedrop loves to bounce around on the dance floor.From these guys, a more intellectual opener would be incongruent and feel like a pickup line.

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