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Near the end of 2007, Elucidate produced a bootleg remix of the trance classic "Skydive".

Their remix of "Skydive" achieved major support from many of the world's biggest DJ's including Ferry Corsten, The style of music created by Elucidate is normally made using synthesizers, virtual studio technology instruments, and digital audio workstations.

Cave bears and people likely encountered one another occasionally.

Most researchers think that the bears fell victim to the profound environmental changes following the glaciers' withdrawal from Europe rather than human hunting.

Our work suggests that adding fluorine to the appropriate position of the phenyl ring can effectively inverse the electrostatic potential and produce intermolecular F–π interactions, which will be an effective way to improve the electron mobilities of the fluorinated electron acceptors for non-fullerene OSCs.

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However, the proportionately small brain may also reflect a less energy-rich diet (as other bears consume more animal protein) and a highly seasonal environment that probably required longer periods of hibernation.Currently, the power conversion efficiency based on these fluorinated materials is higher than that of the fullerene-based ones.Thus fluorination can down-shift the frontier molecular orbits, enhance inter/intramolecular interactions and reduce the Coulombic potential between holes and electrons.Male cave bears had estimated average weights between 400 and 500 kilograms whereas female cave bears were smaller, with average weights ranging from 225 to 250 kilograms.The massive grinding molars and nitrogen-isotope data from its bones indicate that the cave bear was primarily herbivorous, with foliage its main dietary staple.

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