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But I'm trying to do something extraordinary, and succeed or fail, I'm pretty sure I'll be learning some lessons worth sharing along the way. A PILE of rubbish was dumped in a York street - to launch a national campaign against fly-tipping.Wayne came home one afternoon from the part-time security guard job he'd taken to supplement what he earned as a freelance journalist, walked into the small bedroom we shared in my parents' house, where I was working on an article, and, instead of kissing me hello like he always did, sat stiffly at the end of the bed, as far away from me as possible. I knew in that minute what was going to happen, though I couldn't believe it."Jill," he said, sighing a little, the way he did when I'd frustrated him. But when I think about that day my stomach still flutters and flip-flops, an approximation of the butterflies I used to feel seeing him, only far less pleasant. The moment Wayne ended our relationship was one of the most painful of my life, made only worse because it came at the tail end of a run of years filled with such moments.Almost three years ago, my brother overdosed on heroin at age 43.My 84-year-old dad fell and broke the C-1 and C-2 vertebrae in his neck two days after Christmas the year before last, which should have killed him but didn't.Wayne and I had moved up north from Tennessee and into my parent's home in central Pennsylvania by that point, so I was able to devote myself to tending to my father during the three months he needed it.When it comes to post-breakup dating, there are two main philosophies: One is that, if you date right after a breakup, you're rebounding, which is unhealthy.

I'll be documenting my progress – physically, emotionally, spiritually even – twice a month, here on the website, as well as on my own blog. I'm an average woman who's been knocked around a bit by life, just like everybody else.Even now I'm not really sure I understand that Gunnar's gone. I guess I need to, because his death seemed to hasten my parents' decline and there's no one left to help care for them but me. I spend every day feeling like I'm failing them, wondering how we're going to get through tomorrow, the day after, with no resources to pay for home health-care or a place in assisted living.My mom, who is 79, has emphysema and a spine that is slowly disintegrating—conditions that keep her almost entirely bedridden."This way, you will feel whole and in high self-esteem before you go back into the next relationship and won't just be trying to fill that hole," says Sherman.Taking a break from dating after a breakup isn't just about licking your wounds, though—it's also about figuring out what you've learned and can carry over to your next relationship, says psychologist Sanam Hafeez, Psy. "The ends of relationships teach us so much about ourselves: our style of communication, whether that style is effective or not, how we handle insecurities, conflict, and co-existing as an individual and as part of a two-some simultaneously," she says.

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