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Verifies IIS website bindings for the HTTPS communication protocol.When you install site roles that require HTTPS, you must configure IIS site bindings on the specified server with a valid public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate. NET Framework 3.5 is installed on the Configuration Manager site server. NET Framework 3.5 as a feature within Server Manager.Verifies that the instance for SQL Server and the Configuration Manager site database, if installed, is configured to use the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation, unless you are using a Chinese operating system and require GB18030 support.

This check also fails when Setup is unable to access the instance for the SQL Server to verify permissions.

NOTE: Because this check cannot resolve the status of site system roles that are installed in Azure or for the cloud storage used by Microsoft Intune, when you integrate Intune with Configuration Manager, you can ignore warnings for these roles as false positives.

Verifies that the computer account for the site server has Full Control permissions to the System Management container in the Active Directory domain.

You must configure the SQL Server service to use a valid domain account, NETWORK SERVICE, or LOCAL SYSTEM.

During an upgrade, this rule checks whether site system roles, other than distribution points, are installed on computers that run Windows Server 2008 or earlier versions.

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