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Getting started with us is simple; all you have to do is create a standout profile and submit it to our community for approval. Don't forget to upload a dazzling profile photo to show off your best side.

If you make the cut, you'll have the chance to search for single men and women who, like you, are committed to finding love. Attractive World is helping Kiwi singles to find true love. One of the greatest things about joining Attractive World is becoming part of a community of successful, relationship-minded Kiwi singles actively looking for meaningful connections.

We’re shaking up online dating in NZ by building a community of Kiwis looking for lasting relationships. So, how can you take the first step in finding the right person for you on New Zealand's premier dating site? For the best chance of being voted into the community of Kiwi singles, make sure you include your personal details and dating preferences.Although too ashamed to report it to police, she had to put up with Doug sending her abusive texts and emails for weeks, including graphic and violent images."He cut himself and took a photo, saying, 'I'm bleeding for you.' It was revolting." Stories like this one are the tip of an iceberg which began forming when online dating first appeared in the mid-90s – with its younger sibling, mobile dating, showing up a few years later (it's estimated that around 91 million* of us globally now search for love online).In the past 18 months alone, two Kiwi men have been arrested for rape after a first date via the online dating app Tinder.And it's unlikely we'll ever forget the name Gabel Tostee, the Australian man who was acquitted of murdering Kiwi Warriena Wright after she fell from his Surfers Paradise apartment while on a Tinder date.

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