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The average internet user is only utilizing a portion of the potential the internet has to offer.Google’s indexing system begins with a process called “crawling.”Imagine a virtual robot spider that starts at the home page and then crawls to and from all the pages on the site that can be accessed by clicking all the links.It’s also what gained the story international public attention among people unfamiliar with the idea of darknet markets.There are several known markets that deal explicitly in the contracted assassin field like Hitman Network, for example.Prolific whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning used this route to share classified documents.Anyone that seeks to evade government surveillance (which, in many cases, could later used to oppress free speech) finds the dark web a good place to communicate anonymously.Right below the surface of where the iceberg meets underwater is the deep web.

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There are millions of pages of interesting indexes, databases, ideas, internal networks, communities and resources on the deep web, both innocent and nefarious in nature.

People often take one to be the synonym for the other and vice versa.

This is a common mistake for those who aren’t familiar with the subject.

Firearms, knives, and even grenades and bomb equipment can be found on dark web markets.

This particular dark web market category entered into mainstream awareness after Ross Ulbricht, founder of the infamous darknet market Silk Road, was arrested and eventually sentenced to life imprisonment under charges relating to drugs, hacking, money laundering and procuring murder; the latter charge was particularly influential in persuading the jury to convict Ulbricht of other charges in addition to hiring a hitman to murder someone.

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