Deadly dating patterns bases and dating lang en

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With some basic awareness you can begin to develop more useful behaviors, positive and effective attitudes towards dating and women, and redevelop your internal foundations of self and acceptance. You’d be amazed at how well a woman will react to a guy who’s really nervous, but who’s also really sincere, sweet, and funny. It’s easier to judge her in advance of her judging us.

No woman is the mask she wears when she s in public.

Your fears and insecurities, driven by your ego, may sometimes compels you to resort to multiple “attraction tactics” in an attempt to avoid the imagined pain of rejection, with devastating consequences (such as a lack of dating opportunities or mate choice.) The root of this disease (unease) is your fear of rejection, or more accurately your fear of what that possible rejection might mean (about you.) Your ego, in an attempt at self preservation and possibly the enjoyment of emotional drama, will fill your head with the voice of reason which is meant to guide you from pain and suffering, but instead can completely sabotage your success: – If she doesn t like me that means I m a loser. – If she doesn t like me that means no girl like me. This leaves them to feel awkward in social situations that everyone else seems comfortable in.Pay attention and trust in yourself because you’re actually a pretty decent guy.If you watch Big Brother this season you’ll notice Chima displayed this exact behavior the second she became nominated for eviction.– If she doesn t like me that means my friends will tease me. Except that “thinking” is slow and often ruins the spontaneity of a sincere interaction with a woman.– If she doesn t like me that means it ll be awkward every time I see her at work. Sometimes thinking can’t compete with the speed of intuition and experience.

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