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We can all focus on the negative things in our life, but you want someone to find you approachable.Try and focus on the positive and present the side of you that’s still open to the world’s opportunities.DON’T MENTION THE EX Whether you’ve been married before, or just had a string of exes, don’t make them the focus of your conversation.If you tell your date how your ex was your soul mate but they went and left you, it’s not going to make them warm to the opportunity of establishing a relationship with you.They don't need to consist of Netflix and falling asleep on the couch all the time (even though that does sound fun).Whether you're newly sober, have been sober for years, or you're just looking for dates that don't include mind erasing moments with booze and drugs, this list is for you.If you don’t, a dozen others could be out there waiting to make a connection.BE POSITIVE Please resist the urge to list the nightmares you may have had during your dating experiences, or life’s woes you’ve suffered and disasters you’ve endured.

THE RULE IS, NO RULES In the world of off-line dating, people play games, like the ‘don’t call until three days after the first date’ rule.

Just one photo isn’t enough – prospective daters are going to want to catch a few angles – but also make sure that you look at least similar in each of the pics.

And make sure they look like you: flattering is one thing, fabrication another entirely.

Use these five tips with military precision for ultimate success.

THE HOOK Whether it’s fair or not, your online profile pic is your first hand in the card game of dating life.

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