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However, in addition to our British chatters we have a large number of visitors from the United States, Ireland, Australia and Canada.

We understand that without visitors like you, our rooms would be empty.

The Honourable Justice Marilyn Louise WARREN Melbourne.

For service in the field of international humanitarian relief and to children in South-East Asia, particularly in Vietnam, through the establishment and administration of education and social welfare programs.

For service to the community as a benefactor to a broad range of educational, health, social welfare, environmental, youth and cultural organisations, and to international humanitarian relief through the activities of Care Australia.

For service to science as a researcher and academic in the area of physical chemistry, and to the community through support for the activities of the Ian Potter Foundation and Philanthropy Australia.

Professor Eric Charles REYNOLDS University of Melbourne.

As our traffic grew, we added chat rooms of our own.Please press on the "rocker" to enable Flash for your browser.This way you will be able to get through all the types of conversation that you don't want.For service to the investment banking industry through innovative management practices and support for moves to raise standards in the financial services industry, and to the community.The Honourable Jocelyn Margaret NEWMAN Red Hill, ACT.

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