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The laughter and goofiness instantly reminds me of falling in love with my husband as his carefree attitude and easy ability to laugh drew me to him. Somehow he managed to turn our first “date” (said loosely as we insisted we were just friends for months) of a walk to 7-11 into a hilarious adventure that had me laughing for days, actually years, after. We go about our days and weeks checking off the hundreds of items that scatter our to-do lists but that time to shut everything off sustains us and sets us closer together.

We walk away feeling more of a team and less of just “roommates” and already we anticipate our next day, our next meal and our next adventure.

But because of that it is easy for us to forget that even though we see each other a lot we are rarely connecting on the level that is needed to deepen our relationship.

To become lazy in our marriage is the disease that can quickly kill it.

The tacos disappear quickly while the conversation lingers.

Pico de Gallo It was my mother-in-law who really grew my love of pico.

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Carefully I remove knives out of her path and do my best to keep her safe while not discouraging her bravery and curiosity.

The cocktails are made and the kids are put to bed while I remove the sweet and tangy pork from the oven.

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