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Cherokee siblings David and Catherine Brown became Christian converts at Wills Town Mission.

David became one of the first Cherokee-speaking ministers, and Catherine became a mission schoolteacher.

Some Cherokees refused to leave their farms on ceded land and took advantage of a clause to claim private reserves.

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Led by war chief Dragging Canoe and supported by British agents and sympathetic traders, the Chickamauga left to establish towns farther down the Tennessee River.

From these Five Lower Towns, the Chickamauga launched raids on American backcountry settlements from middle Tennessee to southwestern Virginia.

In 1792, Dragging Canoe died and his nephew John Watts became the leading war chief.

Land hunger among whites led to the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which in 1838 resulted in the forced removal of the Cherokees to Indian Territory west of the Mississippi River.

northwest South Carolina, western North Carolina, east Tennessee, and north Georgia.

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