Dating traditions in latin america

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The northern Pacific suffers frequent droughts, associated with the Niño phenomenon. Pacific ports include Puntarenas, Quepos, and Golfito.Two modern ports, Caldera and Punta Morales, were built near Puntarenas in the 1980s.Costa Rica's broken topography creates myriad microenvironments.One-quarter of the territory endures practically in its wild state with rainforests, dry tropical forest, and savannas.Despite the influential Catholic Church's opposition to contraception, in 1990, 86 percent of sexually active women of childbearing age used birth control. Spanish is the official language, but the variant spoken has features particular to Costa Rica.On the Atlantic coast, however, descendants of Caribbean immigrants speak English, as do many others throughout the country who learned it to better their employment prospects. The national flag, a partial imitation of the French tricolor, consists of blue horizontal stripes on the top and bottom of the flag and two white inner stripes divided by a wide red stripe, which contains the national coat of arms to the left of center.

They maintain clan marriage rules, collective agricultural production, and a religion centered around the deity Sibö the Creator.

Costa Ricans pride themselves on having a society "different" from the rest of Central America.

They point to their country's high levels of education and health, its renowned national parks, and its history of democracy and political stability.

The six reserves on the Pacific side of the Talamanca cordillera and in the nearby lowlands also are home to the Bribris and Cabécares and to smaller numbers of Borucas (or Bruncas) and Teribes (or Térrabas), the latter two groups having assimilated into the peasant population. Many move between these communities and Panama, and until 1991 those born in Costa Rica lacked identity documents and access to state services.

The Guaymíes maintain their language and distinct way of life, despite growing reliance on wage labor.

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