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Although mainly seen as a children's instrument, the rommelpot was originally an adult's instrument, dating back at least to the sixteenth century.One of the first depictions of the rommelpot appears in Pieter Brueghel the Elder's comprehensive Pieter Brueghel the Elder 1559 Oil on wood, 121,3 x 171,5 cm.The rommelpot was often chosen by beggars who lacked appreciable skills since it was so easy to play.They either accompanied their own singing or provided the rhythmic grounds to the play of other fellow-musicians.

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Prince Carnival holds a pig's head on a spit as his weapon and a large pie on his headgear as a reserve for the coming time of hunger.In the membranophone class the rommelpot belongs to the family of friction drums.Friction drums were known in Africa, South Asia, and South America (particularly in Brazil).Verlieben Sie sich im Chat, zeigen Sie Ihre leidenschaftliche Seite und genießen Sie Flirts, bis der Arzt kommt.Seien Sie in unseren Chatrooms bloß nicht schüchtern und verschicken Sie sofort Nachrichten.

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