Dating service for people with disabilities

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Businesses and similar entities are left to define their own policies.

Amtrak, for instance, does not consider ESAs to be service animals and does not permit them to ride in passenger areas on its trains.

That's good, but with all the confusion surrounding what a service dog actually is, there's less and less protection for their unique status.

A new bill introduced to the Senate this summer by Wisconsin Democrat Tammy Baldwin threatens to add to the confusion even more.

The first criteria my girlfriend and I apply to where we eat, drink, and travel is whether our dogs can enjoy it with us.

But out of respect for the needs of disabled people, for the incredible work that real service dogs perform, and for the people managing and patronizing these businesses, we will not lie.

Because ESAs provide benefit by their mere presence, there’s no burden of training for them like there is for a service dog.

That's the result of lots of money—service dogs cost upwards of ,000—and thousands of hours of training.In June, an ESA aboard an airplane attacked the human seated next to it, resulting in severe injury.So where's the confusion come from, and why are there so many pets on airplanes these days?If it becomes law, you'll be able to take any animal on a plane simply by telling the airline that it's an ESA.Alarmingly, the bill seems to include ESAs in its definition of service animals.

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