Dating practices in the european colonies

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Here might be found coffee, tea or chocolate, wafers, muffins, toasts, and a butter dish and knife...

The southern poor ate cold turkey washed down with ever-present cider.

The size of breakfasts grew in direct proportion to growth of wealth.

Breads, cold meats and, especially in the Northeast, fruit pies and pasties joined the breakfast menus.

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Settlers brought their recipes, cooking methods and some supplies with them.

Even the gentry might eat modestly in the morning, although they could afford meat or fish...

Dinner, as elsewhere in the colonies, was a midday, through the wealthy were like to do as their peers in England did, and have it midafternoon..England's gentry had a great variety of food on te table...

The stews often included pork, sweet corn and cabbage, or other vegetables and roots which were available...

A typical comfortably fixed family in the late 1700s probably served two courses for dinner.

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