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Dr Curran, a former NSW Department of Primary Industry veterinarian, has been studying the decline for years.“To have something like this where the best people have worked on it for decades and haven’t gotten to the bottom of it...any disease that can claim 40 per cent is worth understanding,' he said.More obvious finalists were surf and wine region Margaret River in Western Australia's South West region, and Tasmania's picturesque riverside town, Margate, The Weekend Australian Magazine reported.The favourite country town in Victoria was Woodend, known for its scenic hilly surrounds, while 'charming' Nairne came in at number one for South Australia.

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Those with more than 30,000 were ruled out, given they would likely contain sub-groups of richer and poorer areas, throwing off the area's statistical average.My whirlwind weekend begins far from the madding crowd, the lush landscape of the Tweed unfurling in my mirror as I make a beeline for the Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre.Perched high on a hill at Murwillumbah, the modern gallery is beautiful inside and out and you can lose yourself for hours exploring art-lined hallways, before soaking up the scenery from the cafe.Here you can hire tinnies, canoes and stand-up boards from the pirate boat (Brunswick Buccaneers, moored opposite the Brunswick Hotel) to cruise the river at your own pace.The water is so clear you've got good odds of spotting turtles, stingrays and schools of fish.

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