Dating in palakkad

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They conducted a due search for the ‘leaves’ belonging to each of us.

When queried as to where they came from, were told that the temple was the source for all of the Nadi leaves.

When we went after lunch two separate readings were arranged for us- the master and the servant.

The master was told a lot of things about him which hitherto were unknown to him. But, it was nothing he did in this life that was the cause, it was his past life!

He, as a Brahmin in Srilanka in his past life, had impregnated a servant woman. It was this sin of his past life that was weighing heavily upon him in this life too and making him do all the bad things that he was doing. When we had arrived to visit the temple, we were directed to this place to have our leaves read.

So it was quite obviuos that there was a cozy symbiotic relationship between the priests and these Nadi Jotishs. His solution was to perform appropriate pujas in the temple the way they should be!

For example they would tell you that your name starts with certain alphabets and when you deny they would ask some other question about whether your father used a wear a cap and your mother a sari.

So, all the blame could be transferred onto someone else.

The minute we alighted from our cars a horde of unsavoury characters descended on us with offers to have our leaves read and claims that theirs was the only genuine Nadi Jotisham!

The moment we fell into the clutches of one and followed him, there were a few snide remarks from others that we were in the hands of a fraud and they were the real genuine ones!

Here since I had unwittingly revealed my name, or that was the impression I gave, they went directly into other details.

With some encouragement from me the reader started delivering the usual rigmarole that they do.

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