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But, when their desire for food and drink subsided,the Muse incited the singer to sing of men’s glorious deedsfrom that song whose glory at that time reached widespread heaven,namely, the quarrel between Odysseus and Peleus’ son Achilles—how they once wrangled at the gods’ bountiful banquetwith violent words, and the king of men, Agamemnon,exulted at the idea that the best of the Achaeans were wrangling.alike, as Nagy has hinted: “The quarrel between Achilles and Odysseus in the first song of [Phaeacian singer] Demodokos, viii 72–82, dramatizes the antithesis of two inherited central themes built into the , namely, the qualifications of [their heroes] Achilles and Odysseus respectively for the title ‘best of the Achaeans.’ Their epic actions are striving to attain what is perhaps the most distinctive heroic epithet that the .Thus, Just as the Homeridae,singers of epic poems pieced together,start out for the most part with a prelude to Zeus, so too this manhas begun to collect victories in the sacred contests of Nemeain Zeus’ celebrated sacred grove.And the skill of inferior menovertakes and overthrows the mightier man.

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He begins this passage by citing the suicide of Ajax depicted in the 4.37 follows from Pindar’s portrayal of Ajax’s self-destruction in the same poem.serves as a means of classification,” as it “can group together a number of texts and thus differentiate them from others” because of being one of the determinants of “[t]he meaning and value attributed to [a] text.” 2.552–554 was cited by the Athenian representative in the Greek delegation sent to Sicily before the Greeks defeated the Persians at sea at Salamis in 480 BCE, in support of his opposition to Sicilian command of the Athenian navy.In this excerpt from the for his culture’s last words on Athenian authority and cornute physiology, respectively, lend credence to classicist Eric A.Because these solutions are found in the accounts that the epics place in the mouths of their poetic kings, accounts that mirror the epics in which they occur, understanding the relationship between the coupled epics in which the kings’ songs are embedded provides insight into the epics’ distinct approaches to their central existential concern.Illuminating the similarity that connects each epic with its partner simultaneously casts into relief the contrasts that exist between them.

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