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Some scientists may even view such activities as time-wasting diversions from real work.

Another criticism, mainly for Still, one can hope that with time, scientists will come to embrace the use of online resources for rapid sharing and discussion of their research.

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is the ability of readers to comment on the published papers or posts, the idea being that science should be interactive and the connectivity of the web should enable researchers to participate actively in discussions with a broad audience.Modern scientific research cannot be conducted in isolation.Hence scientists need to effectively disseminate information, whether presenting data in the informal settings of a lab meeting, or in more formal talks or posters at seminars and scientific conferences.Other than being openly accessible to anyone with an internet connection (as opposed to ones that require paid subscriptions), this online-journal is distinguished by its criterion for acceptance: the peer-review process only considers the technical and methodological soundness of the scientific experiments, and accepts paper without any subjective considerations for perceived importance or relevance of the work.accepts completed manuscripts, the highly reputed journal Nature recently launched a site called the Nature Precedings where scientists can submit pre-publication data and ideas in the form of ‘presentations, posters, white papers, technical papers, supplementary findings, and manuscripts’.

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