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Aiming and shooting is pretty simple, but get used to hitting shots of different speeds and see how the ball responds.Also, try panning and zooming around the first few holes to get used to the controls - once you've got that down, it will make things a lot easier as you play on.A bronze ball represents an easy course, a silver ball represents a medium course, and a gold ball represents a hard course.Once you've selected the course you want to play, you can choose from 3 different options: Front 9, Back 9, or Full Course.Here's the latest from Pogo members chatting in our Mini Golf Madness Forum where folks gather to make new friends, debate game tips, and share a joke or two. Win this badge plus 2,000 Tokens I have played so many holes that have NOT gotten credit for should have attained the badge by now!!

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Try to make Birdies or even Holes in One when you play this new online Sports Game of skill and challenges — Mini Golf Madness! The basic goal in all Mini Golf games is to sink the ball into the cup in the fewest shots possible, and Mini Golf Madness is no exception to that rule.You'll have to take the effect of these hazards into account on most shots in order to get good scores in Mini Golf Madness.On certain shots (especially from the tee), it may be possible to align the aiming vector with a landmark - such as a particular bend in a wall or nearby obstacle - to help you line up a reliable shot.It's easy to forget about your power-ups sometimes in Mini Golf Madness, but that would be a crying shame - some of them can really help you out when the situation calls for it.If you forget what they do, just mouse over a power-up icon to see its description again.

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