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Meanwhile, when the script isn’t working, Evans turns towards the soundtrack and leans on indie rock when he can (and when the low-budget picture can afford it) to attempt to do some of the emotional lifting.But when those cuts includes overused or outdated choices like “Song For Zula” by Phosphorescent (see also “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and “The Spectacular Now“) and Bloc Party‘s “So Here We Are” (used on “One Tree Hill” twice, Katherine Heigl‘s “27 Dresses“), not to mention a closing credit song by omnipresent soundtrack emotional shorthand Bon Iver.Hook Up Today With Horny Petites Near You HERE See pictures of real people in your area that want to meet you and get your Free Registration Right Now! See pictures of escorts in your state so You can choose who to go out with.The plight of the actor-turned-director is an unpredictable one.She’s already gone before he can flag her down, but he gets another shot to return her mobile when, having missed the train, she comes back to the main terminal.It’s very late, and with the doors being closed for the night, both are forced outside.“I’ve got an idea,” Nick says a handful of times in the film.Eager to avoid a wedding reception where he’ll face an ex-girlfriend that’s still the love of his life, and with Brooke on a ticking clock to get back to Boston by 7 AM before her husband returns from a business trip at 8 AM (for reasons revealed later), Nick openly says he wants to be a hero and does everything he can, within his meagre means, to make that happen.

But as Ryan Gosling learned at Cannes earlier this year with “Lost River,” ambition, if not matched by execution, can come at a steep critical cost.

But it really leads to a series of not very amusing or appealing misadventures, designed to force Nick and Brooke to face the problems they are trying to put behind them or ignore, while also realizing the future may lie with each other.

“Before Sunrise” is an obvious touchstone and influence on “Before We Go,” right down to a running device involving pretend phone calls (except Nick and Brooke call their past selves), but it severely lacks that film’s heart and soul.

Their passions, motivations, dreams and thoughts never surface to help suggest why there is something more to their brief nighttime odyssey.

READ MORE: Berlin Interview: Richard Linklater Talks Making ‘Before Midnight’ & The 14-Minute-Long Shot But one thing they do talk about a lot is love and fate, fighting for love and finding love.

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