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Even after she had inserted her finger experimentally inside Jemma's quim, the girl stayed dry. " Jemma didn't reply, but her eyes were bright and she made no effort to push Danielle's hand away. " Jemma reluctantly let her hand stray up to the crutch of Danielle' knickers, and noted how hot it felt there. Her finger slid easily between Danielle's already moist cuntlips and probed the wet cavern between.Danielle obligingly pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side with her free hand, and guided Jemma's hand on to her pussy. The older stable girl, a dark-haired rather muscular young woman called Judy, looked down at the two 17 year olds and smiled.She wondered if the two would panic if she tried to join in their finger fucking games.Deciding against a direct approach, she pulled off her woollen jumper and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to expose her plump round breasts with their delicate tracery of veins and the dark circles of her aureoles surmounted by starkly protruding nipples.I defied empires, causing the fields of Europe to steam with the blood of my enemies, long before I began drinking it as well.When I destroyed their armies, I made a screaming forest of their survivors, the name of Lord Impaler.A Mega Crossover by Nimbus Llewelyn that started on a What If?In this case, what would happen if Thor had been incarnated as James Potter, as a first run on that humility thing?

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How she longed to have Jemma's probing fingers exploring her cunny at this moment!Equally, there are constant hints that he's constantly changing his mind and adding things in at the last minute (like major characters), meaning that it's not uncommon for something definitively stated in an A/N to be contradicted ten chapters later.The general consensus seems to be that the broad framework is laid out, but the details are subject to change.The two girls had first started to play with each other about a month earlier, shortly after Jemma’s 17 th birthday, egged on by a dare from one of the older stable girls. " And she had thrust her hand inside Jemma's knickers before she could protest.Jemma had been reluctant to do more than put her hand between Danielle's legs, but Danielle had been much bolder. Jemma's cunt was hot and dry, and it took Danielle some time to find the slit between Jemma's puffy cunt lips.

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