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As for the alignment, the project was the key instrument expected to deliver improved accountability in public expenditure in line with Objective 3 of the FY12-14 Country Partnership Strategy.

Moreover, it remains relevant as the FY16-20 Country Partnership Framework recognizes the importance of building institutions and increasing institutional capacity, and the Government´s “Plan for a Better Life” acknowledges enhancing transparency and modernization of the State as a key pillar.

Lastly, sectoral strategies and indicators for four sector cabinets were produced and integrated in the PFM system.

Challenge In 2009, according to the Institutional Governance Review, patronage and clientelism negatively affected public sector, a result of limited transparency in public finances, public procurement and control over public personnel expenditure.

These reports provided an action plan (currently pending implementation) for the strengthening of human resources and payroll management.

Additionally, sectoral strategies and indicators were developed for 4 out of 7 sector cabinets and these tools were successfully integrated in the Integrated Financial Administration System (SIAFI) new budget module.

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Regarding implementation, a Project Implementing Unit was created within the Finance Secretariat Project Administration Unit, and a Steering Committee was established to address implementation bottlenecks.In the case of public procurement, standard templates for procurement plans and standardized procurement documents were produced between 20 whereas six framework agreements were designed and implemented for common use goods.In the case of human resource management, payroll audits in five institutions (Education, Health, Infrastructure, and Security Secretariats and Tax Administration Agency) were completed and an institutional functional review was conducted on those Secretariats plus the Finance Secretariat and the Civil Service Directorate.The Project has delivered a design and system architecture for the new Public Financial Management (PFM) system, as well as framework agreements for common use goods.In addition, through a set of payroll audits and institutional functional review studies, recommendations to strengthen control over personnel expenditure were provided.

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