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This message may sound peculiar for personal finance advice.

Remember, though, that you’ve already automated your savings.

A reputable lender will determine if you can afford to pay it back before giving you a loan.

But some lenders give loans to anybody just to make a buck.

Just keep track of how much you’ve spent so you don’t accidentally overdraft your account.

This approach allows you to go out or indulge in a latte.

For many people, though, that advice just doesn’t resonate. Keeping cash in separate envelopes makes them feel like they can’t have a life.

You can’t spend it; you’ve already spent it on savings.

The importance of this kind of savings will become clearer once you see this budget in action. Include your rent or house payment, your car loan and your utilities.

What you’re spending here is the leftovers – the extra that’s left at the end of the month.

Spend this money however you like – don’t worry about putting this much in entertainment and that much in travel.

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