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It is nothing that isn't available all over the internet.

But the problem for Comcast will be the public relations nightmare that will occur the 1st time this service is involved with a rape or killing or other crime.

Sorry we're getting off topic but The bad as drugs are the drug laws do not work and they are making the drug lord richer Why Are Drugs Illegal Bad as drug use can be, government laws to prevent drug useare worse!

Content like this should be optional, available for a small fell maybe...

Escort calls Comcast for assistance: Escort: "Hi, my Dating on Demand service is not working."Comcast: "Ma'am, you have exceeded the number of men you can link up with via Dating on Demand."Escort: "I thought it was unlimited hook-ups."Comcast: "It is unlimited but users who meet more people in one day than we can handle will have their accounts terminated."Escort: "I am going to DSL."Comcast: "Their number is 1-888-DSL-ESCORT"TO WHO IT MAY CONCERN AT COMCAST: Dating on Demand Do-overs Fan Videos: HYLARIOUS!!!

My gosh, I have enjoyed so much viewing the 'Dating on Demand Do-overs Fan Videos'!!!

I'm just a gigolo every where I go people know the game I'm playinggigolo, gigolo, gigolo Get my dates from Comcast Love that does not last Boy I love playing When I finish a one night stand Comcast has the planfor making me very happy I'll turn on the TVand look for a new sqeeze Thanks to my pimp Comcast...... I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE 'Dating on Demand Do-overs Fan Videos'!!!

Dating on Demand will be another way for "Escorts" to get customers. Please, tell her, AND ALL THE CREW INVOLVED, THAT THEY REALLY DID A GREAT JOB!

While Bush is giving away all that money to figure out how to use hydrogen and how to get it, we could be driving in cars powered by cannabis. California has taught me one important thing since I've moved here. Prostitution, by definition, is taking money for sex. » ··· aws.html"government you broke it now you fix it" It was the whites that hated black Jazz Musicians, Du Pont(conspiracy) and lawmakers who are the criminals. On a completely unrelated topic other than to the question of whether dating on demand is prostitution.... Both drug usersand drug haters would be better off if drug use weredecriminalized. This just makes it so they can win some awards from Americas Funniest Home Video. Prostitution, by definition, is taking money for sex. Hmmmm, since it can be traded, maybe I should investigate to see where I can get some Stock Options.... Comcast is is one big load of shit with it's worthless and desirable content.And here is a loser from Philly who thinks he has what it takes to attract a semi decent woman. Their giving me all the shit I dont want and doesn't cost them a dime! Heh, Where's the freakin newsserver you fuckin' jackoffs!

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