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Finn, however, remembering how Kurt behaved towards him during Kurt's crush on Finn the previous year, worries that Sam will be bullied for singing with another man, and attempts to get Kurt and Sam to back-out of the duet, because he is afraid that Sam will leave glee club after being bullied.Sam refuses, stating that he gave his word to Kurt and wasn't going to back out.Five years later, it is revealed that he has a new girlfriend but is still texting Mercedes.He is a regular recurring character during the second and third season before promoted to main character in Season Four and remaining in that position for the rest of the series.At the Big Apple he gets back together with Mercedes for a third time.However, even this relationship fails when Sam struggles to cope with Mercedes' celibacy vows.

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However, Mercedes ultimately decides against it, due to the guilt of having cheated on her new boyfriend Shane.When questioned about this by Finn, Sam says that he wanted to come, but didn't want to risk being alienated the way Finn has been, since as the new guy at Mc Kinley he already feels like an outsider.As he exits, Sam reveals that he is the new quarterback, news that greatly disheartened Finn.Finn then returns to the position of quarterback, but feels guilty and sorry for Sam.Will Schuester manages to convince Sam to reconsider joining the glee club, particularly since he can't play much football following his shoulder injury.

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