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So viewers can enjoy it again and again in every way.The people of Palestine have been the Jews for thousands of years. Israel is a tiny piece of land,7 million people, surrounded by many large Arab Muslim countries, 1.5 Billion people, who are bent on killing and wiping Israel from the face of the earth. I'm an old man (73) and I thought this was just wonderful!!!!([email protected] have been more correct) LOVE THIS!!!! Yeah, it's a little quick, hence, my third time watching it! I would've added a second "S" to "desert," followed by a backspace deletion, but then again, the darn thing is perfect as-is. At "No time for baking, grab the matzah" via Twitter is dated Feb 6 -- shouldn't date be later? Now, granted he's dead, but if he were alive and well, he probably would have one. Is it beyond some peoples imagination that Moses wouldn't of used the Internet, if it existed in his time?This is so great--I included it with my "top 10 Passover links" over on my blog. (you can see the other 9 at I believe g d create facebook ,we needed a deeper understanding of society and not like the the rabbit ..." im late" "im late " for a very important DATE," no time to say hello ................ But the humor is absolutely amazing and I love th clicking sound effects...know, if it was slower, it wouldn't have the same "instant, nowadays" affect. i've watched it 3 times to catch all the extras like "People who bought plagues also bought lice...boils.." AISH once again manages to be topical and interesting as well as religious. Sure he would of, no different than we do, using the new tech to spread the word of God.

Want to eat the Paschal lamb and walk out of Egypt with all its gold and treasures? Great video, great idea - clever and well executed. We are so blessed with this technology matching our fast pace life that we all seem to have to live to keep up with all the changes in this world at the moment.perhaps that's the answer as to why we ARE STILL IN GALUS.Instead of these negative comments, try to do something that will TURN SOMEONE ELSE ON, and not knock down others already succeeding in doing so.CNN title is the same one used every time Israel bombs Gaza or builds yet another illegal, immoral settlement. Often killed in ancient times, nowadays run down by an Israeli tank.You know - where a horrible act is afflicted on people in a school, a pizza parlor or asleep in their beds and ghouls like you (and folks with your world-view) condemn the victims, and exalt the perpetrators.

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