Checklist dating violence

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These solutions include online videos, benchbooks, and regional training programs.

The Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA), through its Office of Court Improvement (OCI), supports all judges who handle any aspect of civil domestic violence injunctions in receiving specialized domestic violence training, including the procedural and substantive matters pertaining to domestic violence injunctions, the dynamics of domestic violence, and the impact of domestic violence on children.

Brochures for petitioners and respondents, newsletters, case-law updates (both state and national), and a host of articles all assist Florida’s judiciary and others in finding the national and statewide trends and cutting-edge information needed to enhance Florida’s response to domestic violence.

Training Programs The Florida Institute on Interpersonal Violence judicial-training program maximizes participation by bringing the training to the judges in their own regions.

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Additional videos for judges discuss common myths and misconceptions associated with the injunction process found within the dependency statutes and the differences between these injunctions and the civil injunctions for protection; some of the newer technologies stalkers are using to harass their victims; and the Additional publications and links have made OCI’s Florida Institute on Interpersonal Violence website the “go-to” site for judges and stakeholders to find information and valuable resources pertaining to interpersonal violence.The trainings enhance statewide consistency and uniformity and encourage proactive sharing among the state’s 20 judicial circuits.Beginning in 2014, OCI sponsored nine domestic violence regional training programs in nine different cities.Judges and attorneys can receive continuing education credit for completing the course.Benchbooks, Tool Kits, and Videos Staff also developed interactive, user-friendly benchbooks and toolkits on domestic violence and trauma and other topics.

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