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If it happens again I honestly feel like it would be me being hacked by another person.

Honestly any outcome will give me joy since i know i told the truth and know that it was my own fault and you guys are just doing your jobs and don't like to see these things happen to people anyway. The choice of lying and using the hacks was my fault.

yes Evidence to dispute: None Why I should be unbanned: A month ago i full on lied in your faces, which i shouldn't have done.

Every staff member is truly excellent at what they do which is why they are given there positions but all I am asking for is 1 final chance, a final stand.

I resulted being pushed out of the server, thinking it was my lag i tried to rejoin… This has happened in the past (appeals) , and I know this does fall on to my shoulders since the wifi is my resposibility so I am willing to take every punishment. [Hacking is not a priority to me and will never be because i hate people that actually cheat.] I also believe this is a little mistake made by GCheat, however i take the punishment and wish to return soon.

Also loving Danny Posted on 19 January 2016 - AM I am very sorry, i admit to hacking but it wasn't a very good feeling when i logged on to minecraft and accidently had a hacked client on the version, so hacking fell into my stupidity of not knowing the version was on.

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