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They could never come home with alcohol or other substance on their breath without your knowing, if you waited up for them.

This is a great time to talk with them and to sense how the evening went.

These rules are strict, but, make no mistake, so is the Lord strict! Missions for young men of the church supersede marriage in importance from ages 19 to 25 (mission age). I do not believe that the Lord would expect the choice young people of His Church to find their eternal mates among nonmembers or inactive members! He would not ask us to go against both His Counsel through the ages or against the counsel of his prophets. You will also get to know things about your date that you could not find out any other way because with more people, there is naturally more conversation. Do not make it a habit to be out late or up late for that matter. Resistance seems to be lower at night, so make it a habit to be in early from your dates.

Prayer, scripture study, church attendance and giving service to others are all necessary prerequisites to having the strength to follow the counsel. or, unless your parents approve of the kind of young man or lady . When he is returned from his mission at 21, he should feel free to begin to get acquainted and to date." He tells us further that, ". NEVER be the cause of a young man deciding to stay home for any reason, for you will be held accountable! NO MISSIONARY WORK ONE-ON-ONE WITH MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. Girls, as hard as it may be, search until you can find a modest swimming suit or make your own! Dating in groups is not only safer, but you will find that it is much more enjoyable. Most proper functions will end in time for you to go straight home and be in on time.

You must have firmly planted in your mind right from wrong, and do not let ANYONE talk you into anything that would not meet the Saviors approval.

Whatever they would do would be okay." Anyone can make errors.

There is hardly anything greater to assist you in obtaining the Celestial Kingdom than to be worthy to marry the right person a t the proper time in you life, in the Temple. He says that early dating is often done with parental approval, "yet it is near criminal to subject a tender child to the temptations of maturity." Remember, NO STEADY DATING until after missions. Sometimes when we start to like someone quite a bit, we tend to single date almost exclusively . When we are tired and have become more relaxed with each other through the evening, it is very easy to let down our guard . You both should be at your respective homes at this time.

The rewards of a chaste live are far greater than the sacrifices necessary to follow this counsel. President Kimball tells us, "Any dating or pairing off in social contacts should be postponed until at least the age of 16 or older, and even then there should be much judgement used in selections and in the seriousness." President Kimball goes on to counsel us that beginning the dating process too soon almost always brings young immature marriages or immorality and sin. As we get older, we tend to think that we are "above" group dating. Do not make single dating the largest portion of your dating. Not all moral problems occur late at night, but many, many do! THIS DOES NOT MEAN that if you go to one of your homes you can stay up longer than this hour.

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Preface to parents and young adults: David of old, choice in the sight of God, allowed his eternal soul to fall into the depths of hell. I have looked into the tear-filled, sorrowful eyes of too many good latter-day saint youth involved in moral transgressions not to know how easy it is to fall. I dont mind your kissing each other after you have had several dates; [remember who he is speaking to here--returned missionaries], but not the Hollywood kiss, not the kiss of passion, but the kiss of affection, and there wont be any trouble. A French kiss is the "Hollywood" kiss that President Kimball described above. The prophet, President Kimball, tells us that, "in interviewing repenting young folks, as well as some older ones, I am frequently told that the couple met their defeat in the dark, at late hours, in secluded areas the car was most often the confessed seat of the difficulty, It became their brothel." BEWARE. If you are in a home or apartment with others and they slowly all leave except for you and your partner, then ONE OF YOU should leave at that time also! Now, please never go to bars - even just to dance or listen to the music. To go on a date without a plan may sound harmless, or even exciting, but it can lead to trouble very easily. Set the stops now while your minds are clear and unhampered by emotions. even for what may seem to be the best young man or woman you have ever known! Know exactly what you are going to do on a date before you go. As you date, especially with those you really like, discuss these rules and your standards so that you each understand what you expect from yourself and your relationship with each other. Bitterness, regret, sorrow, and a feeling of despair quickly replaced excitement and enthusiasm. When your children leave your home, you should always know where they are going, who they will be with, where you can contact them if necessary, and when you can expect them back! Girls, immodest clothing includes two-piece swimming suits or ones with low necklines and french-cut sides, halter tops, short shorts, tight-fitting clothes, short skirts, low necklines, etc. (Even in the summer) President Kimball tells us that those who do not actively resist the evil influence of immodesty will "absorb and foster it." He goes on to say, "I see some of our LDS mothers, wives, and daughters wearing dresses extreme and suggestive in style. I wonder if our sisters realize the temptation they are flaunting before men whenthey leave their bodies partly uncovered or dress in tight-fitting, body-revealing, form-fitting sweaters We cannot overemphasize immodesty as one of the pitfalls to be avoided if we would shun temptation and keep ourselves clean." On occasions, I have found young ladies who wore things which were immodest and did not realize it. Time after time, physical surroundings, circumstances, and activities were all repeated, and all seemed to set the stage for sin to seize young lives. ) Dont assume that the video movie at the Sunday School party will be appropriate know what is going to be shown before you accept the invitation. Dress that is modest and becoming an LDS young man or young lady is most important at all times and is most important when dating.

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