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The steward, Isreal, was always good about freshening up the room but we didn't make many demands.The nicest part of the ship is the Solarium, a glass enclosed pool on the 9th deck.This was the week before Spring Break, so there were few children and a lot of 30-55 yr olds with your obligatory seniors as well.Leaving from Baltimore you had a lot of locals and PA/Pittsburgh folks Our cabin was a bit larger than the tiny interior rooms we've had in the past, a large picture window offers less of a "beautiful view" and more of a way to know if it's day or night (and makes the room less tomblike).

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We did not pay for the Chops restaurant (/person), my father paid for the filet served in Chops to be served in the dining room and enjoyed it.

The next week they said was slated to bring 900 children on board...

The diversions I can review are the casino which had blackjack at minimum (odd amount), craps at minimum and friendly dealers.

My wife enjoyed the Blue Lagoon Dolphin Encounter and I dove a 1 tank dive with Bahama Divers I booked on my own (the cruise docked at 1PM, too late for most dive options).

At Coco Cay I dove again, a shore dive with only 3 participants led by a divemaster to 30 feet.

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