Browning a 5 picture dating

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However, once again, the coding was revised in 1998 in order to work with Browning’s new database.The letter code, for year of manufacture, remained the same but, each year the serial numbers would start at 01001, with the three digit code of 212 for the .22” Semi-Auto Rifle.

The firing mechanism can be removed from the receiver with no need for tools.Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop the occasional hot spent case from going down the shooter’s sleeve.(I speak from experience.) However, the downward ejection makes it suitable for either right or left handed shooters.‘Taking down’ the rifle is relatively straightforward.A “T” prefix was used for .22” Long Rifle and “A” for .22” Short.However, the “A” was changed to “E” for Short and a number added for the year, e.g. From 1969, two digits were used for the year of manufacture, with serial numbers starting with 1000. 69T1156 would refer to a 1969 .22” Semi-Automatic rifle in .22” Long Rifle with the serial number 1156.

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