Black white dating los angeles

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You'll find them on dating sites, stocking up on canned soup in Trader Joe's, and staring out their apartment window and directly into yours.

Pickup line they'll use: "Do you like black and white movies?

Pickup line they'll use: "Do you feel stressed?

"How to repel them: Tell them you're a psychiatrist and self medicating. Where you'll find them: At super trendy spots where paparazzi hide in the bushes.

Pickup line they'll use: "Have you ever been to the Chateau? Where you'll find them: Lurking outside of comedy clubs, scribbling on pieces of paper at open mic nights, and being the loud, obnoxious type at a bar.

I saw Bruce Willis drive by there once."How to repel them: You know what, just walk away. Pickup line they'll use: They'll likely spot you in a crowd and make you the butt of a joke, like an asshole.

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