Bitdefender not updating 2016

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9 out of 10 times the solution listed here would quickly fix Cortana & Windows 10 start menu not working issues.

It is mostly caused due to 2 software programs that conflict with Windows. If your computer has one of these programs installed, then you will not have to look further for resolution. Go Here if you face issues with Windows 10 Apps Not Working.

Starting about 1 week ago I am not getting any automatic backups because when the software tries, it says "Task Scheduler Not Running". If I start the service and start the same backup set manually, it works just fine. "The Windows Update service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 6 time(s)." "The Windows Management Instrumentation service terminated unexpectedly.

It has done this 6 time(s)." "The Update Orchestrator Service service terminated unexpectedly.

It is good practice to first restart your computer before starting any troubleshooting.

The next step is to simply boot the system into safe mode. Once in safe mode, Restart the system to boot back automatically into normal mode. If you are able to Right-click the start menu and access the panel, Then select ‘Programs and Features’ The moment Dropbox is uninstalled, the start menu begins to respond.

Avast Antivirus can be one of the reasons for Cortana and Start Menu not working problems in the computer.

You can first try updating Avast Antivirus and check if the issue is resolved.

So next time when you install Avast, don’t forget to uncheck the install of unnecessary components such as Secureline VPN, Avast Passwords, Cleanup including the Safe Zone browser component.One fine day you turn on your computer and find the start menu not working.Clicking on the start menu throws up an error ” Critical Error Your start menu isn’t working.Restart your computer for the changes to take effect. We’ll recommend the above procedure for easier removal of Avast components. Open Control Panel, click on Programs Programs and Features 2.Select Avast Internet Security or Avast AV, click Change Fix Avast’s Error ‘Setup is already running. Click on ‘Change’, once which components do you want to install screen appears, Uncheck Safe Zone Browser and click on ‘Change’ Wait for the Avast to make the changes you’ve requested, when you’re prompted to restart your computer to remove Safe Zone Browser, do so.

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