Bianca casady dating devendra banhart

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There’s something very alien and angelic about them as well, we call them alien angels.

When we started our record we were really in that zone, thinking about how to cultivate the music of alien angels.

I think it’s a good way to work in general.” The new album is…well, mature is such a horrible word.

Yet there is nothing archly sexual or pornographic about it; the impression is more of two children playing, imitating adult games. It’s as if they’re in a state of arrested development, and Bianca admits as much when she reveals her favourite book to be Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli: “It’s about a kid whose parents die in an accident…you’ll find it in the children’s section (laughs). “[The process is] like kids in the kitchen, you don’t even get rid of the eggshell. We have Pippi Longstocking, we like Saint Francis, and Punky Brewster, an eighties American TV show about an orphan who wears two different coloured shoes” The common theme that all were subject to an unusual upbringing either through being abandoned, orphaned, or – in St Francis of Assisi’s case – renouncing his father, and prospered as innocents in an adult world.

You just smash the eggs into the bowl, put some food colouring in and some flowers…” Sierra: “I think a big inspiration for our method is Pippi Longstocking.” Bianca: “You know I was just thinking of her when I was talking about eggs! Coco Rosie themselves had an unconventional childhood, frequently moving town with their Steiner schoolteacher mother and spending summers indulging their (now estranged) father’s shamanistic pursuits.

Truth is, they live in their own little world and prefer it there.

Bianca: “We’re not that interested in humanity to be honest[…]we’ve always felt [quite detached from society].

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