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Usually dating sites at least don't blatantly steal your money. They wanted me to send my photo and signature, too. I signed up for a month - was billed for six months.I will cancel my debit card and have contacted FBI complaints and may contact the AFP. Clients on site not a good fit, recommendations sent woeful. Generally easy to sign up and navigate but impossible to cancel. Emailed them twice, ineffective, cancelled my credit card. Having same issue and they have threatened action and added fees in top of subscription. Two days into it I have tried to cancel but keep coming up against brick walls. p.s anyone had success in getting their money back? Do not join this website The membership costs are not clear, they rip you off charging your credit card with huge amount, they don't reply to emails, their replies are standard emails, they make it very hard to cancel and they refused to refund my money leaving me with 0 out of pocket when I thought I was paying . Send e mail to cancel no response but very quickly respond when there is no payment.It didn’t have nearly the numbers of Tinder but it’s where I by far found the most unicorns in the shortest amount of time.You’ll find people on here that is based on mutual attraction and more than likely to have something going for them.People really respect that honesty and I think in part some of that comes with age. Tinder the dating app is what most thought to be a pick up app and for many it probably was.

I’d looked up a lot of alleged top dating apps and dating sites.Literally had to send a signed email asking to delete my membership. Took out free month subscription and was spammed by scam women constantly. It is so sad that so many genuine people are losing so much money(and probably too embarrassed to say so) & there doesn't seem to be any one here in Australia that cares. My bank refunded my Money as I told them it was a scam - which it is!!! I Just explained that they their site was misleading with the charges (which you can see by most of the comments on here) and that you were only expecting to pay x amount. That’s another story lol but my card is cancelled so they can’t charge me any more money.I tried to cancel but their website v poor but eventually managed to send them cancellation request. I suspect those dating rating websites are operated by them. Ability to communicate woeful, ability to cancel, zero! I thought we would be protected from scams like this site but it looks like we are not. Cancelling and getting a new card should work, but forget about trying to retrieve the money you've lost. I wrote a note requesting them to cancel my subscription on a piece of paper signed it - took a photo of it and sent it to them. Seriously, don’t even if you are a ripped there’s something to be said about mystery.Unless you want to swipe for 3 days straight you probably don’t need a paid account. It gives women the power to message you when they want which is unconventional for dating and I especially made great connections here.

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