Batman and robin speed dating

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The original design was meant for the military to use as a bridging vehicle.In other words, this armored tank was nothing more than a military prototype that wasn’t intended for Batman but ended up in his hands anyways.Quickly afterwards, he impressively catches up to the car on foot even as it speeds away from the scene and takes down the thugs inside (Gotham Knights #7) Despite the motorcycle gang speeding off ahead of him beforehand, he impressively still catches up with the motorcycle gang within a short distance using his raw speed and some agility to move very fast across ropes with Chinese lanterns hanging on them.In addition, he's still more than fast enough to set up a trap for them once he lands down ahead of them using his own rope (Detective Comics v2 #30) Batboy (Batman turned into a child) masterfully moving through JLA security after everyone else in the watchtower is shown to have been caught (or taken out) then shuts it down. Miracle (best escape artist in DCU) (Sin of Youth: JLA Jr.Although we are looking at one of the oldest Batman vehicles ever built, it is still one of the coolest.It was the only one designed as a convertible built for both Batman and Robin to ride around in.

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If you haven’t realized by now, Batman & Robin was such a terrible movie, even the vehicles sucked.

Although it doesn’t have the dark, black, batty look as the other vehicles we will see, it was surely one of the coolest. Freeze had frozen Gotham City and the entire area was covered in snow or ice. The Batmissle was just another product of his intelligence.

Technically this wasn’t a Batman vehicle since it was only driven by Robin, it was still part of the Batman garage of designs, which were all done by Bruce Wayne. When he was being chased by the Gotham City Police Department after Penguin took control of the batmobile, Batman turned down a street with only a tiny opening not meant for any vehicles to fit through.

The Batboat had a very short life span in Batman Forever and it didn’t take long for Two-Face to blow it up.

Although it was driven by Robin, not Batman, this is still one of the cooler rides in Batman’s garage.

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