Backdating contract illegal

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Many clients have called and asked us if it is legal for car dealer to to backdate a contract? Typically, contract backdating occurs when the auto dealership finds out that the original financing was not approved, requiring them to sign a new contract.

The problem is that by not using the current date, you as the customer could get stuck paying more interest than you’re legally obligated to.

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Is it a civil contract whose parties are allowed to agree (even retroactively) than an NDA is in place?This avoids confusion and ambiguity that could call the enforceability of the contract into question.Some of the issues that arise when back-dating a NDA are: to the extent that it doesn't involve criminality but may render the agreement unenforceable.We find that many of our auto fraud cases started with a phone call about one topic, and it lead to uncovering many other fraud violations in the contract as well.If the dealer backdated your contract, we want to make sure they didn’t misrepresent the vehicle in other ways to you as well.

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