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new servers which are going in which have just had build 138 installed with no build updates, dont appear to have this problem.

I have a server at home which has this issue and one of the early adopters.

My Windows firewall and automatic updates are turned on.

(Something that also was turned off during the infections.) I've gone to the Microsoft website and downloaded/installed 43 critical updates (The infection had turned off auto updates).

Since the release of build 8.0.138 - we have noticed on a large number of servers after about 5-6 days of uptime, AVG when it tries to update - it hangs on "Finishing update Process".

At this point we have to reboot the server to get it going again as we have not found any other way around it. Yes - since the latest large update Grisoft did - it was fixed, Build 153 or something fixed the issues - now on 164 with no further problems.

My AVG Internet Security v9 is running and updating fine...something it hasn't been doing in a month because of the infection.

impactuser, I've been monitoring this to find out the solution. Your points will be returned to your account (even though you're a PS member), and the solution will be saved into the EE database for future users.

I have the free AVG antivirus, (v.8.0.138), which I installed about 2 months ago, replacing version 7.5.

It appears to try to connect, but receives no update.

Has anyone else found a similar problem this afternoon? I have noticed that if I try to update around 2/3 pm the update can sometimes be very sluggish or even fails.

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