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In the 1830 Census of Shelby County, Arthur was between the age of 20 and 30.

Living with him was 3 young children under 10, his wife, between 20 and 30, and 2 other males between the ages of 15 and 20, who may have been young brothers.

Judging from the size of many of his grandsons we believe he was no 'string-bean' of a man but rather a Paul Bunyan type.

Monroe Bearden(2) has worn size 17 shirts and his grandfather, Alfred A. A picture of Emsley, the oldest son of Pappy's, reflects a broad shouldered man dressed in full Confederate Army uniform.

The transaction was witnessed by Benjamin Harris and Thomas Obarr. The same year he was chosen as an alternate to preach at the next meeting of the Mulberry Association, to be held (1860) with the Antioch Baptist Church.

The lawsuit was said to have been over the mineral rights involved and it is believed that a coal mining operation was developed on the property sold. After 1860, no mention is made of Jabez Brassell in the Minutes of the Mulberry Association. and served until the close of the war when he was honorably discharged on April 25, 1865. Bearden enlisted in the Perry County Guards on April 10, 1862.

Olive Cemetery nearby and possibly the reason William was not buried there could well have been because the creeks were overflowing that December of 1887, making travel there impossible.

Pappy went to see the baby and found him in a small bed under the Mammy's bed.

The house was so filled with flies Mammy was trying to keep them off the infant.

Pappy was so outraged that he took Kurg home with him on horseback and fed him on boiled salt pork(6).

From these facts, we believe it safe to assume that our Pappy was a large man and a true pioneer.

We know few facts of Pappy's origin except those given in the United States Census records and on his tombstone.

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