Are jax and stassi still dating

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began as a way to chronicle the drunken antics of the waitstaff at Lisa Vanderpump's now-iconic Sexy Unique Restaurant SUR, but it also served as free publicity for both the restaurant and its eager-to-be-famous stars.But after six seasons of making drinks on the clock and consuming plenty more after punching out, it's understandable that some SURvers — particularly one Jax Taylor — may be eager to remain on the show but ditch their shifts.SUR would give him the flexibility to be there for his family.For now, Jax seems like he’s working at SUR along with his friends, and that’s all there is to it.But while other bartenders like Tom Sandoval have repeatedly expressed a desire to do something with their skills besides sling vodka sodas all night, Jax has often seemed content to take shots with customers and be a bartender for life.But now, perhaps with his age and the fact that Schwartz and Sandoval are involved with Lisa and Tom Tom, Jax wants a little bit more., viewers saw Jax tell everyone that he had been offered a job back home in Tampa to work in social media and marketing for a hockey team.

Tom dates another SUR server named Kristen, who is quite the drama queen. Lastly there’s Peter, Lisa says Peter has slept with everyone. Katie tweeted this pic of the gang celebrating Christmas.

” Scheana Marie is engaged to her boyfriend, Shay, and planning their wedding.

Season 1, so it's easy to forget that they ever dated at all.

Now, after two seasons, shocking allegations and betrayal, fights, and fallen friendships, many are curious as to the current state of the relationships at SUR, and we have all of the info you need.

First, here’s a recap of how it all started: Stassi dates one of the bartenders, Jax. Not the same Tom who is dating Kristen, this Tom doesn’t work at SUR.

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