Andy dating megan gale two dissociable updating processes in working memory

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Fast forward a coupla years, Andy and Megan release a rather humorous statement saying they’ve broken up, two months beforehand. Fast forward another three weeks, and Megan has hooked up with young AFL player (see above for AFL definition), who is not funny (that we know of), but probably hotter than Andy.

"We have so much to achieve separately before we marry and the opportunities open to us now won't last forever," she said.

"His home is Melbourne, mine's Sydney, so we're working hard and seeing each other when we can.

, famous but down-to-earth, unaffected by fame and money and the trappings of both.

He was the bumbling comedian, she the beautifully approachable model. I still had a lot of respect for Andy — I wanted to protect him. As a there was probably a perception I was putting a wall up, but it was the best I could do at the time,” she told the magazine, adding “it’s hard to say” whether she was being punished for the break-up.

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