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You will always room with a member of the same sex and usually the same class.

If a cadet has significant problems, they may request and most likely be granted a change of roommate, if necessary. Back To Top You will not be permitted to bring your personal possessions with you when you enter the Academy (except for a few items listed in the cadet appointee instruction booklet).

Attendance at these functions will give you experience in the kind of social situations that may be expected of you as an Air Force officer.

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During the academic year, you will be permitted to have additional items when authorized by the Cadet Wing Commander. You will be permitted to have a radio or stereo equipment in your room beginning the spring semester of your fourth-class year; you must wait until your first-class year to have a television in your room.Therefore, offering them on a day-to-day basis may be difficult, if not impossible to accommodate.Cadets in this situation should work the issue through their Cadet Group Chaplain.You’ll attend classes or study until a.m., when you’ll go to your squadron area to prepare for the noon meal formation and lunch.You’ll march to lunch with the cadet wing and have 28 minutes to eat. Cadets involved in intercollegiate athletics practice with their team from - p.m.

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