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SRDx features entirely new algorithms to detect and accurately remove defects like dust particles and scratches on color film, negatives and now, for the first time, black and white film, and photographs as well. This App is an i OS monitor for keeping track of scanning and image processing jobs performed by main application Silver Fast 8.

This well-known scanner software aims at all those, who want to get the most out of their scanners when creating digital images. Learn more about it and why our Silver Fast is the world-wide leading software. It focuses on the essential functionality of image editing and it masters this perfectly.

Learn more about it and why it is worthwhile to try our alternative.

Some scanners feature an additional infrared channel, which's data can be used by Silver Fast i SRD for defect detection and elimination. For a true color image rendition of scanned originals it's important to initially calibrate the scanner - with Silver Fast two mouse clicks will do.

Therefore Laser Soft Imaging manufactures high-quality IT8 targets in own production. Silver Fast 8.8 SRDx The algorithms used in SRDx for defect detection can recognize dust and scratches because their image information differs greatly from the surrounding.

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