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Animation studio GONZO has seen some things over its 25 year history.

During its heyday, it created memorable anime like Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, GANTZ, Vandread, Red Garden, Rosario Vampire, and Last Exile.

For that, fans should head to the upcoming Go Nagai Exhibition in Osaka and To...

smartphone game for i OS and Android devices announced on Tuesday that the game will end service on July 27.

Legendary manga creator Go Nagai has half a century of works under his belt.The anime industry is paying recognition this year by adapting some of his most acclaimed works, like Devilman crybaby and Cutie Honey Universe.Still, one or two anime isn't enough to really grasp the breadth of Nagai's contributions to manga.The Japanese version of the video shows an October 4 release date.Those who preorder the game will receive an in-game soundtrack with eight alternat...― Food Wars!

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