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Mrs Bertarelli and her husband, (pictured together inset), own several mansions including a £8m estate in a the Gstaad ski resort and a £10m house in Geneva.They are also owners of a Belgravia pad worth £10 million.De Beers has announced plans to sell lab-grown stones in the US this autumn.To the naked eye, these synthetic gems will be indistinguishable from the real thing - but will sell for a tenth of the price.The show's successful comeback season ended last week, but it had yet to be picked for broadcast or streaming in the UK.Kirsty Bertarelli, who was schooled in Wales, has been named as the third richest woman in the UK.A major US network has cancelled Roseanne Barr's television show hours after the comedian posted a racist tweet (inset left) about a former advisor to President Obama.

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Shortly afterwards, her agent revealed she was being dropped as a client.

'Yet again, we are seeing the pro-Brussels establishment showing that it will not tolerate any challenge to its project of political integration.

That domineering mentality lies at the heart of the drama in Italy, the Eurozone's third- largest economy, where a coalition with widespread public support has effectively been barred from office because of Eurosceptic views'.

Mrs Bertarelli won a string of beauty pageants in the UK in the 1980s and is an accomplished songwriter who wrote Black Coffee - a number one hit for girl band All Saints.

But now, the Bertarellis - who married in 2000 - spend their time jetting between their luxurious estates across the world.

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