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This allows use of keywords and easily updating the keyword format if needed without changing file names on disk, the original images on disk always use the same UUID which never changes. This doesn’t solve your request fully, but it might be useful info.

It appears your concern is updating the image later, or changing the keywords of file name. Simply list that directory and filter for “_UUID.” - and rename that resulting file appropriately. first URL is the URL that would appear on my website.

But Cloudflare would look for the content on the origin using the 2nd URL.

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Before reading on, you may find it helpful to have the mod_rewrite cheat sheet and/or the regular expressions cheat sheet handy.

Search engines can split that URL into words (hyphens in URLs are treated as spaces by search engines, whereas underscores are not), and they can use that information to better determine the content of the page.

It's an easy URL to remember and to pass to another person.

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