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The coconut oil does not work alone--it must have the shea butter. Look at the cancer rates--we must do everything we can to give our bodies a chance to stay cancer free! I make ointment for my daughters skin condition and I also give it to others with similar issues. I love putting it on at night and waking up with a glow.Think about this--ANYTHING you put under your arms is right by your lymp system which carries throughout your body! It calms my skin and keeps it hydrated which helps my wrinkles fill in some.Allegedly Free Game is a Sister Trope to Bribing Your Way to Victory.Not to be confused with actual Freeware Games, nor with Shareware, which is straightforward about its commercial nature and final about its sale.Sometimes you're restricted to a "free" zone and have to repeatedly buy access to the rest of the game piece by piece, sometimes you're incapable of gaining certain abilities or items without buying them with real world money, sometimes you can buy a copy or pay a subscription fee (and even then, additional purchases may be needed.) Some games just have so much that is exclusively bought that those who pay have such a gigantic advantage over those who don't.Some games make progress dependent on Level Grinding and/or Money Grinding that becomes obscenely tedious without shelling out real money for Experience Boosters or other things that reduce the time for grinding or eliminate the need for it.If you don't stand a chance in a 'free' game without shelling out, then the game ain't really free."A game that you can play for free, with a heavy restriction on the "can play" part.

But each container only weighed .75 pounds and the only item that was exact or slightly more was the bulk 10 pound chunk I purchased which was about 10.9 pounds. I find that if I use the coconut oil at night and Cleopatra Choice's Shea Butter in the mornings, that this combination makes the ideal deodorant.

I love this so much that I stopped using my other brand of Shea butter. I made two batches of body butter yesterday using this new shea (2 different recipes) and love the way both came out. Absolutely wonderful for moisturizing your entire body, especially during the dry winter months. Melted them together ( very low heat until just melted), cooled and then whipped it really well with hand mixer.

Result is a butter so light it is like whipped cream that melts into your skin. I have used this shea butter in lotions salves and lip balm with great results.

I've been using this almost everyday for my pregnancy and have grown a significant amount without any stretch marks or itchiness. I also use this on my face to keep my skin soft, which I love. Problem is, I end up pulling too hard on my skin cuz it's so tough. I have tried other shea butter products in the past, but this is by far the best and I rely on it for my daily regimen.

But the results on my belly have shocked me and made me so thankful. Also, for some reason, sometimes when I put it on, it feels like a scrub. This is the second time I have bought this product.

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